Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine



We are trained and versed in alternative medical techniques, which means we can also find the style and technique that best fits you and suits your constitution. Some of our techniques do not involve needles at all!  For instances, cupping, gua sha, electroacupuncture, and moxibustion services. 


According to patients’ subjective and objective conditions, Various techniques and modalities can treat patients effectively. Pei-Hwa also offers suitable herbal supplements and individualized formulas per patients' conditions. During the initial appointment for all new patients, a general health assessment and feedback will be given along with their first acupuncture treatment. I will also use the initial assessment as a baseline to keep track of patients’ wellness progress. 

Chinese Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine can be critical to get good and fast results along with acupuncture or other treatments, acute and chronic. There are different forms to prescribe for patients, such as raw herbs, granules, tablets, and pills. Chinese medicine is not just taken internally, external patches, washes, liniments and lotion are also options to suitable situations to help patients' fast recovery.



Jones W. :  I had stomach ache, it kept me awake all night without sleep. It is very painful and eating some stomach pain medicine does not help much. In the meantime, I had dinner party with very close friend whose son is just graduated from college. I felt very sorry if I could not go. Someone referred me to see Dr. Lin. Originally I did not put too much hope on it. After one treatment, it was amazing that the pain went away and I could have delicious food as much as I would at my friend's dinner party except drinking the wine. Based on my own experiment, it might take 2 to 3 days for acid re-flux medicine before the pain will fully go away. I really appreciate Dr. Lin's treatment. 



Charity volunteers get discount for acupuncture treatments. Contact us for details.

Cultivations with Seasons


Li Qiu (立秋) is 8/7 this year. From this date on, we are transitioning into autumn. Drink warm drinks and avoid cold drinks. Proper food like vegetables and sour taste fruits. Food to avoid: spicy ingredients, ginger, chili pepper.



Q: Does acupuncture hurt?

A: In general, it doesn't. 

Sensations of soreness or fullness are normal reactions but those usually fade out soon.